Dear Colleagues,

We proudly announce that ASRS 2023 (Asian Sleep Research Society) Congress will be held in Istanbul on 31 March - 01 April 2023.

It is certain to happen a successful meeting in the marvelous city Istanbul with the participation of valuable speakers and the scientific members of the sleep medicine and the sleep sciences who put their hearts on the field in different countries of the world. During the meeting, the scientists from all Asia will discuss and contribute to the sleep medicine area in terms of both clinical and basic sleep sciences.The participants will also get a chance to visit historical and spectacular Istanbul, the city between the continents and seas. The congress venue is going to be just in the heart of marvelous Istanbul.

Besides the sleep scientists and sleep medicine clinicians, the sleep technologists and sleep technicians from all Asian countries will also meet in Istanbul during the meeting, to discuss their roles, problems and future perspectives in the area.

Sleep in Asia 2023 meeting which is going to be held as the official congress of Asian Sleep Research Society will cover all the perspectives of sleep and all participants in the sleep field will find something here.

Hope to see you all in Istanbul.

Murat AKSU, MD
Congress Chair